How to Renew IPTV Subscription?

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How to renew Your IPTV subscription?

IPTV subscriptions are not deducted for no reason. That is, Service is not autopay. When your IPTV subscription expires, you need to repurchase the plan you need from the Xtrix website, activate it on your device, and your IPTV subscription will be automatically renewed.

As you did at the beginning of your IPTV subscription, go to the website and click on “Subscription” in the navigation bar and select the service you want to renew from there.


Follow the instructions step by step and your renewal is complete. A new activation code will be sent to you, please use the new activation code on your device.

If you want to switch your IPTV subscription to a new device, simply Install Xtrix IPTV APK on your new streaming device and enter the activation code to use it.

If you forget how to install and set up IPTV, you can quickly install and set up IPTV on your streaming device by following this tutorial.

For the renew, there are two ways: In addition to the above, there is another way to renew your subscription, you can contact us directly. We will either renew your subscription using a new subscription or renew it manually from the server (no new subscription code is required for this method).

Is there a discount for renewal?

Yes, you can use your points as cash to save money for renewal. How to check your points? Login-Personal Center -My Points

IPTV renewal code free

The free activation code, for those of you who are renewing your subscription, if you want to use the free activation code, is simply to try another version of the Xtrix service before subscribing to its free trial opportunity. Also known as Xtrix or Xtrix Plus. provided you are using this free trial for the first time.

Finally, please enjoy the best IPTV streaming service.

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