Can we have catch up data on IPTV tv?

Right now I am having a relaxing bath in the Hotel in Sydney after a long day of business travel. Surely for me, the most exciting and relaxing thing is my football match. With an iced beer, watching back the match which played two days ago, is my best happiness right now during an oversea business trip. This is the dream life, but not a dream, it is real life you can have.

Nowadays, electronic and science technology makes people’s entertainment life become rich and colorful. For example, my magic box is always accompanying me like my notebook when I travel. I installed the IPTV Xtrix in my Android TV box, so I can watch over many live tv channels, VOD movies at home. What I need more is the internet, no Dish, no Cable anymore. But I installed Xtrix Plus for myself because I often travel around the world and I like football matches. The Plus package is with 7 days catch up function, it is the best to catch up IPTV, which means it can catch up(playback) with the last 7 days over 200 important channels and events. So that I can watch back when I have no time for the live ones, and no time difference troubles me.

This IPTV Live streaming makes my travel time just like at home.