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3 days trial

  • Reliable and stable IPTV TV service over 4 years
  • 1000+ Live and popular channels for America and Europe
  • VOD with over 3000+ latest movies
  • 7 Days EPG function with Gild and Classic format

How to use XtrixTV Basic IPTV?

Step1: Get an XtrixTV Basic Trial Code

Step2: Download XtrixTV Basic APK

Step3: Activation XtrixTV Basic Code

Click here for How to get an activation code for Xtrixtv?

Click here for a free trial of XtrixTV Plus IPTV

Some important sports channels may be blocked in trial codes, but all open in subscription codes. Go to Purchase IPTV Subscription Plan

Some frequently asked questions about our IPTV Free trial:

What is the difference between a Trial code and a Paid subscription code?

The main difference is as below:

  1. The trial Code is for 3 days.
  2. IPTV Paid subscription code is for 31/93/186/372 days.
  3. Some wonderful Sports Channels are not opened in the Trial Code.

There would be some reasons for the subscription code not working.

Please check as below:

  1. Please make sure the code is input correctly.
  2. If still a problem, please check whether installed the Apk with the correct version. There are two versions: Standard Version with Blue color(XtrixTV) and Plus Version with Red color. So please check which version subscription code you ordered.
  3. If the above does not help, please contact our support email directly.
  4. If you bought the wrong version subscription code, please contact us to exchange it for you, but need to pay the balance of the change from the Standard version to the Plus version.

XtrixTV vs XtrixTV Plus

xtrixtv vs xtrixtv plus

Advanced learning:

How to use IPTV on Multiple Devices?

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3 days trial