The most comprehensive Xtrix IPTV review

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After using the XtrixTV IPTV service continuously for 4 months, I wanted to share my thoughts and review the product.

First, let’s start with quality. This is a premium, full HD IPTV with absolutely no compromises. No stop-start buffering, no sound loss, no waiting for your favorite show to come. As soon as you click on the program you want, it will immediately start and stay on it.

The live tv section is flawless. All the channels are there. The premium sports channels are my personal favorites. The list of UK IPTV channels that I watch most is also very comprehensive, at least it has all the channels I like to watch.

This Xtrix Plus IPTV service has a lot of channels and the IPTV PVR feature is absolutely awesome when you want to record sporting events so you won’t miss anything, it’s also a cloud PVR so there’s no extra kit you need, it’s all done through the app.

I love to watch rugby league and football and when they are on at the same time the Record function is excellent. just go to the channel you want to record find the program on the tv guide, click on it, and voila, it asks if you want to record. It’s as easy as that, then you just watch it back at your leisure. cant say enough good things about the service.

I know the price seems a little higher than other IPTV services, but trust me, when you try these guys, you’ll understand just how good XtrixTV IPTV is.

One of the best things is that they give you a 3-day FREE IPTV trial, yes 3 days, now this gives you enough time to try out the service, and believe me, you will soon be signing up and getting rid of your cable or satellite service. Give it go folks, what have you got to lose.

The value for money you get with this IPTV service is absolutely incredible. It’s worth every single penny.

The service offers a VOD section with films & tv series too. Again, the service is flawless in delivering the highest possible standards. I watched all ten seasons of the walking dead using this IPTV service & my experience was a very positive one. Pay-per-view box office events are also included and I watched the Fury v Wilder 2 fight using this. The stream was exceptionally good.

Overall, this IPTV service is, without a doubt, the best I’ve ever used. It’s premium quality. Highly recommended.

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