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On the IPTVXtrixTV adult channel, we have the movies and programs ready for you! The channel is not suitable for children because I want my channel for adults only. So adult channels are locked by default to protect home value. All you have to do is enter the password to unlock the channel.

This tutorial will show you how to achieve this.

How to unlock an Adult channel? –IPTVXtrixTV

You can unlock adult channels, which are hidden by default.

Instructions steps:

Xtrixtv, please follow these steps. STB/PAD Version:
-1 Click Settings,

-2 Go to Misc Settings and scroll down to A Switch,

-3 Touch or tap the OK button on the remote. Input secret code “4113

Very good. Now you’ve unlocked the Adult channel.

Next, how do I watch adult channels?

In the Live TV, Menu Scroll all the way down to XXX (Adults Channels)

Now select any Adult Channels and enter.
This is when the screen pops up and asks you to enter your password, you need to enter the secret code “4113” again.

Once you do it you are in the Channel viewing it.
Let’s summarize the steps: Settings – Misc – A switch – Enter “4113”- Go to channel- Enter code again.

Video tutorial

Watch the video below to learn how to activate the adult channel on your IPTV service

Hope this tutorial helps you, give us any questions through comments or contact our customer service.

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