Free Sports Streaming Sites: Your Top Picks Beyond 123Sports

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In today’s digital entertainment era, sports enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for affordable and accessible ways to catch their favorite games and matches. Free sports streaming platforms have become a popular choice, offering a range of options to enjoy live sports action without the hefty costs associated with cable subscriptions or premium IPTV providers. While 123Sports has been a prominent player in this space, recent challenges and uncertainties have prompted us to explore other reliable alternatives.

Within this article, we’ll dive into the world of free sports streaming and introduce you to some excellent substitutes for 123Sports. Our goal is to ensure that you never miss a moment of your beloved sports events, whether it’s football, basketball, tennis, or any other sport. This comprehensive guide will assist you in discovering the ideal streaming solution to satisfy your sports enthusiasm.

What is 123Sports?

123Sports is a website that provides free sports streaming content. Users can watch live sports events and other sports-related content on this platform, including sports like tennis, boxing, soccer, baseball, and cricket. 123Sports also features a large selection of video games, including cricket, baseball, and soccer. Not only could users access 123Sports content on mobile devices, but they could also view it on computers via the Internet.

However, it’s worth noting that the 123Sports website may no longer be accessible due to maintenance. Nevertheless, many modern websites allow us to watch live video games or sports matches from anywhere.

It’s important to be aware that accessing copyrighted content through unauthorized sources like 123Sports could potentially infringe on intellectual property rights and result in legal issues. Therefore, it’s always recommended to use VPN services to mask your IP address when browsing such applications. Of course, using legal and authorized means to access sports and entertainment content is always wise to avoid potential legal consequences.

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Best 123Sports Alternatives Sites(free)

Among the following series of best websites, you can watch free live sports events on devices such as iPhones, Android phones, tablets, PCs, or laptops. Let’s get started!



Cricfree is a popular free sports streaming platform that offers a wide variety of sports content, making it an excellent alternative to 123Sports. The site features live streaming for numerous sports, including cricket and others. While it provides an extensive selection of sports channels and streaming links, it’s important to note that occasional pop-up ads may interrupt your viewing experience.

However, these ads are strategically placed to minimize disruption. One notable advantage of Cricfree is that it allows you to watch content on mobile devices without the need for registration, providing convenient access to live sports.

First Row Sports


FirstRowSports is a dedicated sports-oriented website and one of the top alternatives to 123Sports. It caters to sports enthusiasts by offering a wide array of athletic events, including football, WWE, tennis, baseball, hockey, and cricket. The site was designed with passionate fans in mind, providing live score updates and global live-streaming options.

Furthermore, FirstRowSports features diverse sports categories accessible through embedded links, making it convenient for anyone interested in various sports. It serves as a valuable resource for in-depth information on different plays, functioning as a virtual scoreboard that displays static and earned bonuses on a daily basis.

To access its content, users have the option to create a primary account by providing their email address, username, and password, and they can receive SMS login credentials. An innovative feature of the site is the QR code-based scanning, allowing users to effortlessly log in using their smartphone’s camera. This user-friendly approach enhances the overall experience for sports enthusiasts.

BBC iPlayer


BBC iPlayer stands out as one of the prominent alternatives to 123Sports, particularly in the United Kingdom, offering a wide-ranging selection of content. However, similar to many other platforms today, access to the site is restricted exclusively to UK residents. To overcome this limitation, you will need a UK IP address to access BBC iPlayer from outside the UK.

The platform provides coverage for a variety of sports, including golf, football, soccer, cycling, and basketball, in addition to its extensive content library. Beyond live streaming, successfully unblocking iPlayer from outside the UK grants you access to sports highlights and special events. These are conveniently organized on the site using diverse categories and channel filters.

BBC iPlayer ensures high-definition streaming for content that is available in this format, with select feeds even offering 4K definition. However, it’s worth noting that some users have reported occasional fluctuations in stream quality for specific content, which may not consistently maintain a high-definition standard.



BatmanStream is a prominent alternative to 123Sports, offering a wide range of free sports streaming options. It boasts an extensive selection of sports, including some less common ones like fencing and e-sports. However, the site’s reliability can be inconsistent, with some high-definition streams redirecting to paid subscription sites. BatmanStream’s user experience is hampered by numerous ads and a somewhat cluttered layout. Nonetheless, it remains a popular choice among sports enthusiasts for its diverse sports coverage.



SportLemons is a user-friendly sports streaming platform that offers a straightforward interface for watching live matches without the need for user registration. It provides schedules for upcoming live games on its homepage, covering a variety of sports like football, hockey, basketball, tennis, and more. However, it lacks features such as access to future or past schedules and match playback. Despite these limitations, SportLemons is a convenient choice for on-the-go sports streaming, especially for mobile users.

Live TV


Live TV has a massive audience base among free streaming sites, thanks to its extensive selection spanning various sports categories, making it a go-to for sports fans. You can easily find your preferred live stream, explore similar matches, and discover diverse sports all on one platform.

Live TV offers essential categories like live broadcasts, real-time scores, results, video archives, and betting. Notably, it allows you to catch up on missed games through its video archives.

Moreover, you can check schedules for upcoming live streams, a useful feature often absent on other platforms that only show current-day streams.

The website’s clean and user-friendly design, coupled with support for up to five languages, further enhances its appeal.



Bosscast is a popular live sports streaming platform known for its extensive coverage of global sporting events. Despite its somewhat outdated user interface, it effectively serves its purpose by providing access to live matches across various sports.

The homepage offers straightforward navigation with ten sports icons, allowing users to easily select their preferred sport and access a list of ongoing live matches. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy live chat functionality, a unique feature not commonly found on similar streaming websites.

However, Bosscast exclusively focuses on live matches, lacking playback options, and only displaying schedules for the current day. Those seeking additional features such as game playbacks and extended schedules may explore alternative websites on the list.

Overall, Bosscast stands as a strong contender among the best 123Sports alternatives, offering extensive sports coverage and interactive elements for users to engage with.



Streameast distinguishes itself from numerous free sports streaming websites through its user-friendly interface. The platform offers multilingual support, including Italian, Arabic, French, and Spanish, ensuring accessibility for a diverse audience. Streameast ensures a seamless viewing experience for your favorite sports on various devices.

By minimizing ads and promotional banners, Streameast provides users with a clutter-free homepage, simplifying the process of locating their desired games. This clean and intuitive design enhances the overall user experience.

Fubo TV


Fubo TV is a live TV streaming platform initially known for soccer streaming but has expanded to offer over 100 channels covering various sports, entertainment, and news. It provides extensive sports coverage, including golf, boxing, college sports, and soccer events like the UEFA Champions League. While not entirely free, new subscribers can enjoy a 7-day free trial. The platform features a sleek and classy web design, offers high-quality videos, and is available in the United States and Canada. Users can take advantage of the trial to explore premium features before deciding to subscribe.

Do not forget to cancel the trial period so you don’t have to pay a fee. Fubo’s free trial service is a good way to gauge if whether or not you like to go premium or prefer streaming on free sites.



Stream2watch is a well-known live TV streaming platform that offers a wide range of channels from various countries, including the UK, the US, Russia, and more. This platform provides convenient access to numerous sports events with just a simple click.

The website’s homepage prominently displays live matches along with essential information such as the sport being played, the event being streamed, and the schedule.

Sports are efficiently categorized on the same page, with popular options including Baseball, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Hockey, Soccer, and Boxing.

It’s important to be aware that some links on Stream2Watch may be unreliable, as they originate from less trustworthy sources. However, the site offers multiple links per stream, making it relatively easy to find a functional one.

Like many other free sports streaming sites, Stream2Watch does feature occasional aggressive ads. However, this trade-off allows users to access channels without the need for an account or monthly subscription fees.



FootyBite stands out as a top alternative to 123Sports. Its user interface is user-friendly and minimalistic, featuring only a few unobtrusive advertisements. The platform provides reliable links, and many events are available in high-definition quality. Notably, FootyBite’s streams play directly on the website without any annoying redirections or pop-up ads.

While the website’s name suggests a football-centric focus, FootyBite also offers coverage of various other sports, including basketball, hockey, cycling, and baseball.

An essential feature of FootyBite is its FootyNews section, which offers real-time updates and information on major League football events.



TVCatchup boasts a distinctive and colorful logo that sets it apart from the rest. It lives up to expectations with its clean website design and an extensive channel lineup.

Like Livescore, TVCatchup offers a downloadable app for added viewer convenience.

The website is transparent about its reliance on ads for free streaming, with a prompt upon entering the homepage. However, the ads are unobtrusive and don’t disrupt the viewing experience. TVCatchup is affiliated with numerous channels, covering sports, entertainment, and news.

It provides an all-in-one experience, offering not only cable channels but also UK-based shows.

If you’re undecided on which channel to watch, the TV Guide button can assist you in making your choice. TVCatchup is a well-designed platform catering to sports enthusiasts, binge-watchers, and TV streamers alike.



ESPN is a renowned name in the world of sports, and WatchESPN is its official free streaming service. It excels in providing a user-friendly interface, making it one of the premier choices for streaming U.S. sports events. However, if you’re not in the United States or not interested in U.S. sports, WatchESPN may not be the ideal option for you.

What sets WatchESPN apart is its commitment to a seamless viewing experience, devoid of intrusive popup ads. Additionally, official apps are available for both iPhone and Android users, ensuring hassle-free access to your favorite sports matches online.

The mentioned alternatives below are IPTV service providers. They offer various subscription packages, numerous channels, and feature sets. They are more reliable than the legally questionable movies on 123Sports, and the quality of viewing is also stable.

  • IPTV Xtrixtv
  • Strong IPTV
  • Xtreme HD IPTV
  • Apollo Group TV
  • King IPTV
  • Yeah IPTV

IPTV Xtrixtv

PTVXtrixTV is a well-regarded IPTV service provider in the United Kingdom. They offer a wide range of sports channels and sporting events, in addition to a diverse selection of content that includes live video streaming, video-on-demand, and movies. They provide paid sports events and live television packages with features like an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for easy scheduling, Catch functionality to ensure you never miss your favorite shows, recording capabilities, and a free trial option.

These are paid subscription IPTV services. By subscribing to a plan, you can access programs from thousands of channels, and watch sports live from around the world, as well as movies, TV shows, news, entertainment, children’s cartoons, and sports VOD.


ATV IPTV is a premium IPTV service focused on sports and boxing streams. It offers access to over 1,300 live TV channels, including 280+ high-quality sports channels. They provide a 3-day free IPTV trial, allowing you to try sports live streaming for free, including football and boxing. It covers a wide range of sports such as martial arts, golf, baseball, tennis, hockey, rugby, racing, and global sports leagues. ATV IPTV offers various feature-rich services, including TV guides, Catch Up TV, and IPTV PVR, making it the top choice for sports enthusiasts.

Strong IPTV

Strong IPTV is a top-notch IPTV service based in the UK. It provides access to an extensive selection of over 30,000 HD channels, including both local UK and international options. It also offers VPN support, EPG (Electronic Program Guide), and parental control features for added convenience and customization.

Xtreme HD IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV is a well-known IPTV service known for its extensive offering of more than 20,000 live channels and a wide selection of on-demand movies and TV shows. It stands out by delivering a dependable and precise Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for numerous channels across the UK, US, and Canada, making it easy for users to navigate and plan their TV viewing. Moreover, it is compatible with a variety of devices, ensuring accessibility for all.

Apollo Group TV

Apollo Group TV provides an extensive range of live streaming services, granting access to an impressive catalog of over 9,000 premium TV channels, including the latest blockbuster movies, live sports events, and a diverse array of content. Additionally, it offers Electronic Program Guide (EPG) support and convenient catch-up features through a dedicated APK, enhancing the viewing experience.


King IPTV is yet another option for those seeking IPTV services on FireStick and various other devices. King delivers an extensive selection of over 12,000 cable TV channels, in addition to a vast library of over 14,000 video-on-demand (VOD) titles, including both movies and TV shows.


Yeah IPTV stands out as a premier IPTV service provider, delivering a vast array of offerings that include domestic TV channels, an extensive selection of over 4,800 live channels, a staggering 17,000 global TV channels, a library of 90,000 video-on-demand (VOD) titles, compatibility with various devices, an electronic program guide (EPG), and the added benefit of VPN support


How can I watch sports for free?

Comparison of Some Live Sports Streaming Sites:

  • Cricfree
  • First Row Sports
  • BBC iPlayer
  • BatManStream
  • SportLemons
  • Live TV
  • Bosscast
  • Streameast
  • Fubo TV

Are there any safe free streaming sites?

Peacock TV: The top choice for a comprehensive free movie platform. Crackle: A free movie website featuring content from Sony Pictures.
ATV IPTV: A high-quality IPTV service based on sports and boxing streams, offering a 3-day IPTV free trial. Tubi: Providing a legitimate streaming experience with minimal advertisements. Cineb: Known for its excellent categorization and organization of free movies

What is the best app to watch free football?

Fox Go is a responsive website that allows you to watch live matches for free, you can download their application on Play Store.

Are illegal streaming sites safe?

Unauthorized streaming and downloading platforms, as well as unverified apps, have the potential to disseminate harmful software that can compromise the security of your device or network. Simply by visiting one of these websites, even without interacting with their content, you expose yourself to the possibility of encountering “drive-by malware” that could jeopardize your personal information.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the world of free sports streaming offers numerous alternatives to 123Sports. Whether you’re into football, basketball, tennis, or any other sport, these platforms provide a convenient way to watch your favorite games without cable subscriptions.

While 123Sports was popular, it’s crucial to explore these alternatives. Platforms like Cricfree, First Row Sports, SportLemons, and Live TV each have their unique features and content. However, be mindful of the legal aspects, as some of these sites may operate in a gray area regarding copyright laws. Always check your local regulations and consider using a VPN for added security and privacy.

Ultimately, the best alternative depends on your sports interests, location, and preferences. With these options, you can continue enjoying live sports streaming while discovering new platforms.

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