A review of 3 years of IPTV service

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During the coronavirus (COVID-19), IPTV became my most important form of entertainment. 

I have been using XtrixTV IPTV for three years now, and it beats all other IPTV services, hands down. Never freezes, no changing channels to find the better stream. All channels are HD. Excellent for sport, including 3 o clock games. On-demand, movies are of excellent quality. 

When I first saw the brand, I wasn’t sure I wanted to use it. It was their customer service who seriously and patiently talked to me about the possibility of using a free trial to test the quality of the service. I was so happy and with the fact that everything was satisfactory during the trial.

Finally, I ordered Xtrix Plus IPTV, because it’s an upgrade to XtrixTV with 7-day catch-up and cloud recording, perfect for sports enthusiasts like me. I tried other services before this and would never go back. I would definitely recommend it.

Buy IPTV subscription. I can watch over 1000 SD/HD/4K live channels and it is the best IPTV server provider in Europe, UK and USA.

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